Full Spectrum Software
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ISO 13485 Certified

Full Spectrum Software is a full-service provider for the development of research software. We adapt our quality system for regulated products by lightening up the most stringent documentation requirements. This allows us to maintain product reliability in a more efficient manner when regulatory compliance is not required.

Development for emerging technologies can be demanding of software engineers. Often we work with brilliant scientists who have created a novel technique or set of algorithms that need to be brought to commercial viability. It is extremely helpful to have a team like ours that either already has experience in your domain or can at least educate themselves quickly to ensure effective communications.

Full Spectrum's portfolio includes products such as gene sequencers, cell analyzers, molecular imaging systems and more.

Imaging is a core capability of our team. This includes planar (2D) as well as volumetric (3D) imaging, fluorescent, multispectral and bright field imaging.

Many of our clients develop their algorithms in MATLAB. Our engineers are experienced in porting MATLAB-based prototypes to production languages for the native platform. This allows us to collaborate very effectively on some of the more complex aspects of product development. The methodology accelerates novel algorithm development and results in high performance, reliable products.