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Full Spectrum Software's rescue mission services has been a line of business since 2001. We have helped many customers take failing projects and bring them to market.

Our team of expert forensic engineers and software quality assurance engineers can stabilize products, complete regulatory tasks and prepare a product for FDA submission and commercial release.

Projects fail for any number of reasons but there are a few reasons we see repeated. Technical expertise of the team is the number one reason we see for project failures. For example, vendors who may be expert at electrical engineering and firmware are often not experienced with complex software design and user interface design skills. This type of situation is often indicated by buggy software releases and incorrect functionality.

Often development teams may have individual contributors with excellent technical skills but the organizational and management skills are underdeveloped. Our clients have reported that in these cases, gross errors in missing milestones occur. There is also a general lack of understanding about the state of the product's development. Project plans are often not maintained and status reports, if any, are erroneous.

Engineers are generally optimistic estimators. If historical estimating information is not available to a team, it is unlikely that the estimate they produce is founded in anything but gut feeling. Tracking actual time against estimates is key to understanding the health of a project. When everything is reported as 90% done and the date of expected completion keeps moving, there's a good chance the team does not understand what work really remains to be completed.

Some teams have taken on projects and not understood that regulatory burden is a necessary component to the effort. When the realization strikes, these vendors are generally very happy to be excused from the project in order to get out of an unknown wilderness.

If you think your product is in trouble, give us a call. We have helped many companies avoid the abyss and stabilize their internal development efforts and teams to a successful end.