Full Spectrum Software
Microsoft Certified Partner
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ISO 13485 Certified

Full Spectrum Software is a full-service provider for the development of regulated software for medical devices. That includes medical device software, patient telemetry, point of care devices, care provider portals, pharmacy intravenous drug preparation and electronic healthcare records.

Product development at Full Spectrum Software follows our ISO 13485-certified quality system and adheres to IEC and federal regulations including but not limited to 14971, 60601, 62304, HE75, CFR 820.30 and HIPAA.

Full Spectrum's portfolio includes a wide variety of products that implement DICOM, HL7 and other medical and non-medical standards.

Medical imaging is one of our core capabilities, including planar (2D) as well as volumetric (3D) imaging used in X-Ray, CT, MRI and other modalities.

Many of our clients develop their algorithms in MATLAB. Our engineers are experienced in porting MATLAB-based prototypes to production languages for the native platform. This allows us to collaborate very effectively on some of the more complex aspects of product development. The methodology accelerates novel algorithm development and results in high performance, reliable products.